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    Alive, and possibly well.

    By Icebeast | May 23, 2011

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    Hello Blog Reader (singular),

    Apparently people do in fact read this blog, even though clearly we haven’t updated it in 2 1/2 years.  Well, maybe I’ll change that.  My partner in crime may also post some things, we’ll see.  It is not that we ran out of things to complain about, just decided to stop complaining.  A few current thoughts.  Apparently skaters get really offended when you post anything about them in a negative light.  While skaters seem to bother Sparky more than I,  I do find this rather entertaining.

    In unrelated news, I learned today that people believe the Onion is actually news.   See here if you’re curious:    Failbook.  How this actually happens is beyond me.  this is not the first time this has happened but I doubt it will be the last.  Its hilarious but also a sad commentary on our public.  Unfortunately, some of these people will use what is posted on the Onion as fact, then use that to form horrible opinions (on whatever I disagree with).   From personal experience, I’ve learned to argue with people who actually care about sources, because everyone else can’t give a rats ass what you say.

    Finally, not much to say in terms of Driving news.  I now work far closer to home so I drive far less distance each day.  This makes my overall hatred for other drivers sufficiently less.  However, I do have to ask about city planning again.  They decide to construction on a nearby bridge.  This is not a problem, considering pretty much every bridge in America requires serious maintenance.  However, they completely fail at traffic management caused by said construction.  Instead of rerouting the traffic in an intelligent manner, or having an officer direct traffic to increase throughput, they just let us all sit in an incredible backup, lucky if we can travel 1 mile in 30 minutes (yup, that is a speed of 2 MPH).  It just seems that this isn’t that complicated, but I guess I don’t have a PhD in City Planning.   It just seems to me no one else does either.

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