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    By Icebeast | July 15, 2008

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    So as most people know, we as a nation (America) are rather Arrogant. There is nothing necessarily wrong with being arrogant, the problem is when your arrogance is misplaced. For example, calling our country America is arrogant. America is a continent. However, since we’re the only country that matters on the continent, we have the right to call ourselves America :-) . In Baseball, we call our championship, “The World Series”. Is this arrogant? Yes. However, most of, if not all, the best players in Baseball play in Major League Baseball. So in some sense, it is the World Series.

    However, I did here something on the radio the other day that struck me as blatant unfounded arrogance. Bud Selig, commissioner of MLB, made the claim that “Yankee stadium is the most famous stadium in the world”. Seriously? If you claimed it was the most famous stadium in the US, I might give that to you. But the world? There aren’t more important stadiums to the rest of the world population? There aren’t more historic arenas then Yankee Stadium. Well my dear Mr. Selig, I beg to differ. There is at least one more famous stadium. A place that all current stadiums are either directly or loosely based off of. The root large scale stadium design.

    The Might of Rome
    The Might of Rome
    None other than the Roman Colosseum. In the rest of the world, it is probably much more famous then Yankee Stadium. Yankee stadium is less then 100 years old. The Colosseum, just under 2000. Yankee Stadium, a symbol of American sports. The Colosseum, a symbol of Roman Dominance. Even in nations far away from Rome, the Colosseum is known. This is what a true historic icon is. In 1000 years, Yankee Stadium will be a footnote in history. The Colosseum will probably still be standing.

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