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    Balance of Power

    By Icebeast | July 30, 2008

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    You might be wondering, hey, what’s this post about? Is it about politics? Is it about military? Is it about whose boss in my work place? No, it has nothing to do with any of that. This post is about, what else, sports. The other night, I saw a baseball official make a rather questionable decision to eject a player, who was in the dug out. Usually, once a player is in the dug out, he’s safe, as long as he doesn’t try to ignite the crowd. Well this player said that the call was bullshit once he got into the dug out, and was ejected. This makes me think about the power sporting officials have, and the quality of said officials.

    Ooo, here comes tongue.
    Ooo, here comes tongue.
    Baseball officials have too much power. They call the balls and the strikes, they call all the close plays, they declare home runs, and they get to eject players and managers. Usually, they get these calls right, but sometimes they make a mistake. What gets me is the ejection part. These officials feel like they are part of the show. They have to become celebrities and get face time by making a big scene with the players. Why can’t they just sit quietly and do there jobs, like football officials. I mean, football officials must take the most heat, but somehow they can do there jobs. Get off your high horse baseball officials, you’re not part of the show, you’re just suppose to enforce the rules.

    This brings me to basketball officials. I generally feel basketball officials are the worst set of officials in either of the sports. They are most influenced by the crowd, they tend to support the home team, and they’ve been shown to cheat. I heard the argument, well the crowd is right behind them yelling at them? Oh? You’re too small of a man to grow a pair and call a fair game? Football officials get yelled at from the coaches, the sidelines, the 300 lb men on the field, and the fans. And yes, I guarantee the officials can hear the jawing of the fans, especially near the end zones. Yet, generally, they get the calls right and don’t call games in favor of the home team. (Let me clarify, this is the NFL. College officials are scared for there lives. I mean, have you seen a Georgia fan?).

    Anyways, the game should be played by the athletes and the rules enforced by the officials. You’re not part of the show officials, you’re just there to do your jobs. So act like professionals and do it.

    Note: All opinions stated here, are in fact, opinions, not fact. Please don’t sue me MLB and NBA.

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