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    Citation Needed

    By Icebeast | July 8, 2011

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    So yesterday, I was reading an article regarding the NFL lockout.  The content of the article was immaterial, but what struck me was that unnamed sources continued to supply information about the status of the lockout.  I was curious what incentive sources have for leaking information.   Clearly, if you work for the Government or a company where you think something bad is happening, you might be a source.  There is an obvious incentive here.

    I also realize the other possibility, which is planned leaks.  It is well known that companies intentionally release information to control how and what information is released, as well as how it is disseminated.  It also gives them control over when information is released.  A player’s agent may release information simply to raise the asking price for the player, for example.

    However, what is the incentive for someone to simply leak useless information?  Yes, we are making progress in the lock out.  Yes, we are going to update our players.  Why are these anonymous sources?

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