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    By Icebeast | May 29, 2008

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    Well it’s time for my next opinion on nothing of any significance, especially since I’m apparently the only one pulling my weight around here. Anyways, this rant is about being a sports fan. Last night my team gave up a 9th inning lead to go on and lose the game in extra innings. Oh the woe. I was disheartened and had to reinvigorate my will to live by killing pedestrians in GTA 4. However, once this was accomplished, I began to ponder the different types of teams and which was the worst team to be a fan of. So here, is my list of team types and what it’s like to be fan of that team.

    The Winning Team: The winning team is the team that everyone wants their team to be. You want your team to win it all, shove that in the face of all other teams in sports, and possibly declare that your city is the greatest city of all time. Yes, in America, city greatness is determined solely on the ability of its sports teams to win championships. So congratulations to the NY Football Giants, and probably the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Red Wings (I call it how I see it), on your championships.

    A Winning Team: A winning team is different from the winning team. A winning team is a team that does really well through out the regular season and post season. It gives its fans hope, only to snatch that hope away at the last second by losing late in the playoffs. Being a fan of a winning team is not too bad. You have a lot of good moments, right up to that one devastating defeat. However, all is not lost, as you still have hope for next year. My Green Bay Packers are an example of a winning team from last year.

    A Losing Team: A losing team is actually not too bad to be a fan of, as long as they are not in the next category. With a losing team, you know you’re going to suck. You have no hope, so when your team manages to win its first game, its a time of celebration. You look forward to the off season, and follow your teams movements with a microscope hoping they can improve next year. I feel bad for the Bay Area, since most of there teams fall in this category (save the Sharks).

    A Perennially Losing Team:
    This is just a category no one wants to be a part of. This is a team that just can not get off the shnyde. You have no hope that your team will ever recover. You put together perhaps one good season every two or three decades, only to have defeat snatched from the jaws of victory (like the democratic party). You consider jumping ship, but remember, if nothing else, you have your pride. So welcome Cleveland Browns, and the Raiders.

    A Playoff Dive Team:
    This is a team that may be just as bad as the previous team. Your team always makes it to the playoffs, but cant get past the first or second round. It’s as if some insurmountable mass (Cyrus) is placed in front of your team as soon as you make the playoffs. Every year you play the winning team card, to the point where your fans have lost all hope, even if you have a 100 – 62 record. This is a salute to you, Atlanta Braves and San Jose Sharks.

    Finally, the worst category to be a part of. A Mediocre Team: A mediocre team is by far the worst team to be a fan of. Your team is in every game, but can never become a winning team. Maybe the make a back door entrance into the playoffs. You place all your hope that maybe they can get there act together, only to lose in the first round. “Next Year” you say, “The have to be able improve from 81-81.” But then next year rolls by, and you end the season 8 and 8, or 81 and 81. They put together a string of 8 wins and you think, “finally, we’re going”, only to lose 8 straight. Yes, a mediocre team is a heart wrencher the entire way, from the first game to the last. So this is to you, Los Angeles Dodgers.

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