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    Free Agency

    By Icebeast | July 30, 2011

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    This last week has been incredibly entertaining in the NFL. Since the new CBA was agreed to (not yet in place, legalities), free agency has been moving at a fast and furious pace. My team, the Packers, have not really done anything. This is not surprising, as they haven’t really done anything in the last 5 years of free agency. However, this did get me thinking about how important free agency really is. I heard Mark Schlereth say that players who reach free agency, do so, because their existing teams let them. That is, these players are free agents for a reason.

    This isn’t to say all free agents are equal. Some players dislike their current team, or are able to get their teams to sign unfavorable contracts (Nnamdi and the Raiders). Others are released because their teams are trying to shed money and get younger (Nick Barnett). However, others still are shed because they have personality issues (Randy Moss) or just aren’t that good (Tavaris Jackson). So, besides the handful of players in category one, it seems that most free agents are designed to be stop gaps, filling holes until a younger, better, player can. So, I wouldn’t be too excited if my team went out and spent a lot on free agents for this reason.

    That isn’t to say some teams don’t “win” free agency. The Eagles and the Patriots have both made some good moves, in my opinion. The Eagles are now hoping their defense is impervious (they have no LBs though), while they Pats are hoping to get great value for two players while risking basically nothing. However, if a good team, like the Packers or Steelers, don’t do anything, I wouldn’t be worried. I mean, the Redskins always spend, right?

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