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    Freeway Driving 101

    By Icebeast | June 6, 2008

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    Well, it’s time for my weekly rant (which is about how often I come up with something to rant about, unless something jumps at me right away). If my partner in crime wasn’t a slacker, we’d update more often. Anyways, this time I’m ranting about Freeway Driving. Freeway Driving is a very different beast then Highway Driving. In Highway Driving, you get 2 lanes and lots of trucks. In Freeway Driving, you have 4+ lanes and less trucks, with lots of cars.

    I know how to drive...

    My first point, when merging on the freeway, accelerate. For some reason, people see cars going 60+ MPH and decide that merging at 30 MPH is a good idea. Not only are cars approaching you at twice your speed, they have to make crazy maneuvers to avoid you, cause they do not want to slow down. You can avoid all this by just using the gas. Now I realize there are some places where this is impossible. For example, Sunset and the 405 south. You get about 10 feet to merge onto the freeway. This is just a crap shoot, where you pray a big rig isn’t barreling down the freeway in the right lane. If you merge on slow here, I can’t blame you, only a city planner who got his degree over at USC.

    Continuing with merging, if a lane goes away and traffic is slow because of it, please observe the zipper effect. This is where one car from each of the two merging lanes goes at a time. This does not give the person in the disappearing lane the right to go around past mergers to try and get ahead. Nor does it allow 7 or 8 cars to merge in front of one person. It also means that if you are in the kept lane, you cant block people from merging in front of you. Although I think it’s perfectly fine to block douches who move into the disappearing lane to try to gain some spots.

    Next is lane weaving. Do you really need to get to your destination so fast that you have to weave through all the lanes to try and maintain 65 MPH when traffic is going 60? All you’re doing is causing traffic. By weaving, you’re going to cause someone to hit the breaks, which will begin the inevitable break chain reaction that will lead to traffic. Just suck it up and go the speed of traffic like everyone else.

    The ultimate lane weaving is the exit only lane speeders. These are douches who can not sit in traffic, so they go into the exit only lane, speed up to the end of the lane, and then merge back in at the last second. God hates douches.

    In a similar vain, although not limited to freeways, is the late merger. The person who gets out of line, goes all the way to the front of the backed up right turn or merge, and tries to cut in there. Do you cut in line a the movies or Starbucks? Probably not. But for some reason, all decency as a human being goes away when you’re in command of a 3000 lb killing machine, a.k.a. a car.

    Well, I hope my first rant in the Freeway Driving series will help you all become better drivers. Look forward to the next rant in my Driving series, known as City Street Driving 101, Bike Riders 101, and the concluding episode, Mountain Driving (all weather) 101.

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