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    Get Off the Goddam Phone!

    By Sparky | May 4, 2008

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    One of my biggest pet peeves is people yakking into their cell phones about all the things that I don’t give a flying crap about. I take the train to work right now and I’m not only bombarded by the vague stink of urine that is ever present on the train, but I also get to deal with morons who love to hear themselves talk. I especially love that because smart phones became popular so quickly, people often have both a regular flip phone and their over-priced touch screen doo-hickey smart phone. WTF are you going to do with two phones? I sure know what I’d like to do with it. But believe me, I don’t want to hear you close a business deal, nor do I want to know whether it’s contagious or not, nor do I want to know what’s for dinner.

    If it’s not enough that people no longer have any regard for the people around them when they’re on the phone, people generally seem to vastly over estimate their driving abilities. I have no problems calling to get some directions, or using your morning commute to catch up on an important call or two. But for Chrissakes, when you just call someone to chat and it forces you to make a one handed U-turn in your gas-guzzling SUV that has a steering wheel that you just so barely see over… I don’t think it will be long before I get to witness my very own incident of a cell phone toting soccer mom careen into a bus stop taking out a few school children and a chihuahua. Not that I’d mind about the chihuahua.

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