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    Get off the Road.

    By Icebeast | May 5, 2008

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    So I park in a underground lot here, which every morning causes me rage. As you might imagine, from the road you take a small turn and then go down a slope into the lot. At the top of the hill is a pedestrian crossing where undergrads like to cross every morning. Now, being undergrads, they have no respect for the rules of the road, cars, themselves, cats and pretty much anything. So first, they all just cross willy nilly, no respect for my ton and half vehicle baring down on them. If they’re going to J walk, fine, but don’t do it at the rate of Best Buy Grandma (see earlier rant). (I realize my hypocrisy, since as a pedestrian I like to J walk too, but at least I do it in a speedy fashion). The ones that don’t cross sit right at the very edge of the curb. So when I drive by, I’m literally inches away. Do they care so little about there toes? I personally am very fond of my toes.

    Speaking of pedestrians, and the weird, now there seems to be walking stick dude. Some douche every morning has a walking stick, just sitting there at the curb. Why do you need a walking stick? Are you so tired from your long ten minute walk from the dorms that you need something to rest against? Are your 18 year old bones that brittle. Drink a freaking glass of milk and lose the walking stick.

    So after finally getting past the pedestrian shooting gallery, you come around a blind turn and go down into the parking lot. Well lo and behold, you go around this turn and there is a SUV (always a SUV, never a car), just stopped there in the right lane. Why is a car parked on the path to a PARKING LOT? This is perhaps the most douchy thing that you can do. You cant see the car until its right in front of you, and then we all scramble to get out of the way. Either park up at the street, park in the lot, park up your ass, just don’t freaking park around a blind turn blocking traffic who are undoubtedly furious at pedestrians.

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