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    Get Over It

    By Icebeast | August 25, 2008

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    We try to keep anything of real importance off our blog. But this time, something just got to me. I can’t stand when people won’t realize they’ve lost (hypocrisy, I know). But, Clinton supporters, you’ve lost. Why are you all still crying? OMG, Hillary won’t be president, let me go cry in a corner, bitch and moan, and then yell for no good reason. Freaking get over it. What I really don’t get, is why you wont support Obama. I’m not having our blog endorse Obama here, but your lack of support for him makes no sense. You truly think that since Hillary, a crazy leftist, won’t be president, McCain, a crazy person in his own right, but not anywhere as left as Hillary, will make a better president then Obama? Thats like being a vegetarian who loves Peaches, but since no Peaches are available, instead of choosing a Nectarine, you’ll chose a Steak instead. Well, if McCain wins, you have no right to cry about it (even though you will). That is all.

    PS: Our Blog has not endorsed Obama. We will endorse the candidate that appeals (monetarily) to us the most.

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    One Response to “Get Over It”

    1. trevor Says:
      June 15th, 2011 at 11:35 pm

      get over it