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    Getting on the Freeway 101

    By Icebeast | June 9, 2011

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    Hello Dear Reader,

    Freeway Meter Sign

    Many freeway on-ramps tend to have metered entrances.  These meters are designed (self-referential definition incoming) to meter the rate of traffic that enters the freeway, thus reducing congestion.  While we could argue the merits of meters, that is not the point of this lesson.  Like it or not, they exist.  Most meters have a sign like the one on the right.

    On the ramp I use daily, this is 2 cars per green (I couldn’t find a 2 cars per green sign on the Internets).   When they first opened this ramp, no one obeyed the sign.  I’ll give the drivers the benefit of the doubt, the sign was in a awkward place and could completely be missed.  Since then, they added not one, but two further signs.  It is not possible to miss these signs unless you are just a horrible driver.  So the question is: Why does someone always stop after the car in front of them goes?  This happens, invariably, everyday.  So I ask you dear driver, WTF?  If it says, “two cars per green”, it means two cars per green.  Learn to read!

    While I’m teaching you how to get on the freeway, I have two further points.  If there are two lanes for the on-ramp, USE BOTH LANES.  Everyone backing up in one lane is not helpful.  Further, don’t get mad when someone else actually is smart and uses the damn other lane!  THERE ARE TWO LANES!

    Finally, after you’ve passed the meter, you need to actually accelerate onto the freeway.  Because it is two cars per green, that means that the car behind you is stuck at your speed.  Getting on the freeway which is moving 65 MPH, and you’re going 40, is only going to serve to get me killed.  Its far easier to change lanes if you’re going the same speed as the cars in the lane you want to change into.  So if you get me killed because you suck at merging onto the freeway, I will haunt you!

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