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    High Horse

    By Sparky | May 4, 2008

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    In case anyone missed the Kentucky Derby Saturday, a filly named Eight Belles went down today with two broken ankles and was euthanized on the spot. That really sucks. It was undoubtedly the right decision; a horse that can’t stand up won’t be able to heal, and since one of the breaks was compound, it was likely to get infected. A three legged horse isn’t much good to anyone. Unless you like riding in circles. Anyway, my rant is more about the sport itself. Don’t get me wrong, I think that it IS a legitimate spectator sport (unlike NASCAR, goddam rednecks) and I do occasionally enjoy going to the track to watch a few races and plunk down a few $2 bets. I think horses are awesome animals that could smash me into dog food if it wanted to and I love watching how powerful they are. What I hate is everything that is behind the sport. Now, almost every major sports team is owned by a rich white man and his trophy wife.

    Rich White Man and His Hat
    But rarely is the pasty son o’ bitch splashed on the TV screen as shamelessly as in horse racing. Something about knowing that the horse wasn’t out there just to run, but was out there to make a rich white man into a richer white man bothers me. In all the other sports, they hide the rich white man in a press box somewhere. Maybe they could hide the horse owners behind one of those big goddam hats. I also vote for more interviews with the squeaky-voiced oompa loompa jockeys. I bet you can hide a lot of oompa loompas in one of those hats.

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