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    By Icebeast | August 17, 2011

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    Hello ‘The One’,

    So, it has come to my attention, that the only people who can have valid opinions on certain things are the people that actually do that thing.  This is opinion is almost exclusively to sports, where people argue, especially players, that you cannot judge because you have little experience.  This has mainly come to the forefront in a couple of recent NFL stories.  Many players argue that Roger Goodell is ruining the sport, and should get out of there cause he never played the game (beyond high school).  Another argument is that certain analysts and commentators should shut up (criticizing certain players) because they never played either.

    Their argument is completely and totally insane.  One could argue the merits of having played before, allowing one to understand the more intricate workings of the game.  However, people who have played before, do not necessarily have a more accurate view of the game then someone who hasn’t.  In fact, the objectivity reached by having never player may be a benefit, making changes that people my oppose because of their bias as to how the sport should be played.  It is clear that this argument comes from a certain bias from players, especially when they make the absurd leap that if you didn’t win a title then your opinion is meaningless.  Wait, what?

    Lets just be clear, sports are going to change.  You can resist change all you like.  You can make valid arguments that those changes are bad for the sport.  However, arguing that the opinions are false simply because the person didn’t play the sport is flawed argument.  If someone objectively says a player is bad, and lists a reasonable set of criteria for that view, arguing that because they didn’t play, their opinion is wrong, is retarded.  Instead, argue the metrics.  If you can’t, perhaps your opinion is wrong?

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