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    Poor Choice

    By Icebeast | September 25, 2008

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    Well, I apologize for both myself and my partner for the lack of updates.  But who cares.  This will a be a rather short post.  So I was driving home today, and of course I’m stuck in traffic.  This traffic was a little worse than usual, so I turned on the news to hear the traffic report.  After the traffic report, the anchor gave one of those live commercials.  This one was for WaMu.  After about a 30 second spot telling me to open a WaMu account, the anchor proceeded into the lead story of the next segment.  And what was this lead story about, oh, WaMu failing.  So after 30 seconds of telling me to open a WaMu account, she then tells me how WaMu is going into the crapper and may get purchased by JP Morgan.  I wonder if the anchor realized the irony.  But man, what a poor choice of commercial / lead story for that station.

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