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    Pre-season Debacle

    By Icebeast | September 3, 2008

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    As everyone knows, NFL season is about to start, and NCAA football season just started. I’m going to rant about the pre-season. Now, I’m not going to rant about what you think though. This isn’t about the four NFL pre-season games that are meaningless greed filled endeavors. No, this is about the not so meaningless pre-season NCAA football rankings. You might be thinking, why do pre-season rankings matter? Well, they do, because they seed in the minds of all the voters what teams are good and what teams are bad. Let us assume three teams lose just one game. These teams are the pre-season #1, #2 and #3 teams. Almost regardless of the quality of loss or strength of schedule, these three teams will remain in the same order they were in the pre-season. Basically, the #3 team may be better then the #1 or #2 teams, but since they started out #3, they almost never get to #1 or #2.

    Why have pre-season rankings, based on nothing but almost pure guesswork? The #18 Tennessee Volunteers lost to unranked UCLA? I guarantee you, UCLA is not good. They’re currently using their third string QB, second string RB, second string TE, as well as a host of other injuries. This team is a middle of the road team at best, and yet Tennessee loses to them. #18 Tennessee. Now, Tennessee may be good down the road, but make them #18? What about #9 Clemson losing to Alabama? This is the failure of pre-season work. Why not just wait until every team has played 2 or 3 games, then rank em. Ya, I know, everyone wants to know where they stand right away, but this unfairly skews things in favor of the pre-season top teams and makes some wins seem more valuable then others (like UCLA’s miracle).

    On a separate note, why do we have to try to prognosticate the outcome of the NFL season before any games are played? Last year, the “Green Bay Packers had taken a step back from their 8 and 8 season and will be lucky to make it back to 8 and 8 again this year.” Oh ya, well last I checked they finished 13-3 starting out 6-0 in the season. Obviously, your (you being sports pundits) pre-season prescience failed. I know you have nothing to talk about in the dredges of summer, but you just look like an idiot when you make statements that are wrong. And EVERY year, some out of nowhere NFL team comes up to win. Basically, the point of this rant is to have some freaking patience.

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