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    Red Lights, Pillows and 40 MPH.

    By Icebeast | November 4, 2008

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    Hello my one blog reader,

    Well, it’s been a while.  Life has been crazy for me, and my partner is a douche.  I’ve been working practically non stop for the last month and with the election, no time for anything else.  Anyways, I’ll share a few annoyances I’ve had over the last few weeks, all which bubbled up during one drive home.

    First, what city planner can’t make all the lights on a street change in sequence.  It’s pretty simple, you time each light to go green when the cars from the previous light arrive.  Low and behold, traffic moves smoothly.  When the lights turn red, they all turn red in sequence. I’m tired of hitting every red light on the street.  Nothing is worse than driving down a street, to have your light turn green and the next light turn immediately red, while the light after that just turned green.  I feel they did this to spite me.

    Next, if you’re going to move furniture, you really need to make sure you secure everything.  You’d think this would be obvious, but nooo.  So, as some of you know, I have had previous run ins with bedding.  There is the famous sleeping bag episode, where a sleeping bag in the middle of the road almost led to an accident.  Sufficed to say, some excellent driving and good luck managed me to cross 4 lanes of busy traffic on I-80 (or US 50, I never remember) in about 5 seconds and stop smoothly on the right shoulder.  So what happened this time?  Well I’m driving down I 405, minding my own business.  As I prepare to get of the freeway, I move over cautiously.  Finally, I’m in the right lane when this flatbed carrying a bunch of furniture decides to attack me with a pillow.  While I did flatten that pillow, I did manage to slow down more than enough to not have a replay of the sleeping bag episode.  Anyways, SECURE YOUR GODDAMN FURNITURE, LUGGAGE, BEDDING ETC….

    Finally, as I was getting ready to get off the freeway, I catch up to the car in front of me.  How fast is this car going on the freeway?  Oh 40 MPH.  That’s right folks, 25 MPH slower than the speed limit.  How the hell do you think it’s safe to go 25 MPH slower than traffic on a busy freeway?  Furthermore, as far as I could tell, there was nothing wrong with their vehicle, as they did not get off the freeway at my exit.  Unless your car is experiencing imminent explosion, THERE IS NO REASON TO DRIVE 40 MPH on the goddamn freeway.   Go the speed of traffic.  The safest speed is the speed of traffic.   Anyways, that is all.

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    Topics: Icebeast, Rants | 2 Comments »

    2 Responses to “Red Lights, Pillows and 40 MPH.”

    1. KD from england Says:
      May 23rd, 2011 at 1:31 pm

      Oh how your opinions are very much like mine. I read the oompa loompa tan artcle and this and have not stopped laughing. I have very similar annoyances..


    2. trevor Says:
      June 15th, 2011 at 11:38 pm

      Oh how your opinions are so much unlike mine.I read the oompa loompa tan artcle and this and have realized theyre both nonsense.I have much better things to complain about