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    By Icebeast | May 7, 2008

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    So, yesterday I attended a seminar on type systems. Knowing what a type system is, is of no importance for this rant. Anyways, while there, I discovered there is a proof system called Coq (pronounced as you might expect). Now, this is where I realized just how immature I can be. During this seminar, I couldn’t help chuckling every time the presenter said something like “Coq expert” or “Coq user”. My favorite moment, however, is when he was discussing how “Coq discharges” things (having to do with provers, again not important). I just couldn’t stop chuckling. A few others were chuckling like myself, but it seems the euphemisms were lost on everyone else. That in it self may reflect on the quality of CS students.

    From the Coq website
    The Coq Cock
    I wonder though, did the creators of Coq think this through when they named it? Did the realize the chuckles that would be made when discussing it? Is this just a huge oversight or is this someones purposeful joke at other researchers? If so, perhaps the joke is on us, as one nerdy CS professor, much older and more immature than I, is sitting in his house chuckling every time he hears of another Coq presentation.

    PS: That is, as I’m told, the Coq symbol.

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