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    Street Driving 101

    By Icebeast | July 23, 2008

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    Well, it’s time for the next episode in our multi-part series about vehicle human interaction. (Using this retarded name allows me to post a Bicycle and Pedestrian 101 as well). I originally was going to rant about Bicycle riders first, but something I saw on the streets preempted this instead. I’ll just delve straight into the incident that pissed me off first, and then discuss other street driving issues.

    A Intersection
    This image is a standard street intersection (at least here in the US). As you can see, there are three marked lines. The first two (from right to left) are obviously the cross walk. The last line is called a stop line. This is the line where you’re suppose to STOP AT. Yes, someone actually named something intelligently. Now, some intersections don’t have a separate stop line, but a obviously larger line on the outside part of the crosswalk (outside being away from the center of the intersection). So, given one of those to situations, why do people stop in the middle of the freaking crosswalk. Now, you might be thinking, “Wait, idiot, they may have had to slam on there brakes and stopped there”. And I agree, that is a possible explanation, and before the other day I would have said, “ya, probably”. However, then it happened.

    So I’m sitting there at a major intersection prepared to make a right turn. The light has been red for a while and I’ve crept into the intersection ready to make my turn. Then, out of nowhere, a car comes down on my left, and stops in the middle of the crosswalk. THE LIGHT HAD BEEN RED FOR A GOOD 10 SECONDS. What the hell is wrong with you? Of course, this blocked my view of the on-coming traffic, making it nearly impossible for me to complete my turn. I was discussing this with some friends and we came to the conclusion that it might be cultural. In many other countries (such as many in Europe, Mexico, China, etc…), pedestrians have no right of way. In fact, the point of pedestrians is to see how many you can hit. So, when people immigrate from one of those countries, maybe they bring this, “Death to Pedestrian” philosophy with them. Regardless of what the reason is, STOP BEHIND THE FREAKING LINE.

    This Sign Lies, Don't Stop Here
    Now, I’ll continue with my rant of stopping. We’ve all seen these signs. Yes, they’re to tell you that there is a special place to stop on the red light, instead of up at the normal location. There is one coming out of the main parking lot here, which tells you to stop in a rather clearly marked area. There are several of these signs at this intersection, just to make sure you see them. And still, people just drive past em and stop IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION cause they have no idea what to do. They even drive by cars that are already stopped at the appropriate place. First, if you’re going to run the red light, FREAKING RUN THE RED LIGHT. Don’t just sit there in the middle of the intersection, stopping traffic for everyone else, because you’re a retard. Second, learn to read and be situationally aware. If everyone else is stopped behind a line with signs that read, “Stop here on red”, you might think, I should stop there.

    A few more things to discuss I think. In my Freeway 101 post, I discussed the late merge. To refresh your memory, this is where some douche decides to go past all the other merged cars to merge at the last possible second. Well, this situation can be exacerbated here on the humble streets of LA. Here, to get on the freeway heading North from street X, you first need to make a right onto street Y, and then a left onto the freeway. During rush hour, this can cause a long back up in the right lane of street X. However, some douches decide to wait until the last possible moment, merging into the right turn lane or literally making illegal turns in front of the right turners, to get a head a little. Not only is this bad, but they also tend to block the left lane, which is not involved in this freeway mess, and IS THE LANE I WANT TO DRIVE IN. So you’re being a asshole, cutting the line, and blocking and wasting my time, to save 2 minutes of your life. Cheers to you, “I can’t wait in line like everyone else cause I’m a douche” guy. I don’t get this. You can stand in line perfectly fine at the super market, but get in a car and the idea of a line (or queue for our British friends) goes out the window.

    Finally, and this is just for pure informative and safety information. When making a right turn onto a street, any U-turners on that street get right of way. Yes, this is a difficult concept, but I’ve seen several accidents when a right turner hit a U-turner cause they weren’t looking that way. So save yourself some trouble, make sure no one is making a U-turn before you make your right turn.

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    Topics: 101 Classes, Icebeast, Rants | 3 Comments »

    3 Responses to “Street Driving 101”

    1. Matt Says:
      July 23rd, 2008 at 10:22 pm

      You missed one of my favorites: If you’re about to enter an intersection, and there isn’t enough room for you on the far side (because there are too damn many cars on the road), DON’T ENTER IT. What really gets me is when there’s some genius sitting in the middle of an intersection right on top of the 4-foot tall letters that read “KEEP CLEAR”.

    2. Icebeast Says:
      July 24th, 2008 at 10:51 am

      Ya, I saw this yesterday too. You just gotta get through. Can’t wait until the light cycles through again to catch up to the back of the line again.

    3. Ryon Says:
      July 28th, 2008 at 4:09 pm

      Cheers to you, “I can’t wait in line like everyone else cause I’m a douche” guy.
      that reminds me of In-n-out guy.