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    The Mattress Super Store

    By Icebeast | May 19, 2008

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    So have you ever been listening to the radio or watching TV and a mattress store commercial comes on? It’s always a cheesy add pushing “The Lowest Prices, Guaranteed”. But have you ever thought to yourself, does mattress advertising really work? I mean, how often are we really buying mattresses? I’ve bought two mattresses in my life. The first, when I moved out of my dorm in college. The second, when I moved across the country to go to graduate school. If I wasn’t moving, I probably wouldn’t need another new mattress for a decade or more. So how often do we really need these mattresses? Enough apparently to have annoying mattress commercials on TV and the radio.


    But to make matters worse, mattress stores apparently are becoming like Starbucks. You ask, how is a mattress store and a coffee super chain alike? Well I’ll tell you. So I was driving down Wilshire Blvd, and I look over, and there is X’s mattress store. I’m thinking, “oh a mattress store”. Then as I continue down the block, there is another, X’s mattress store. The same company has two mattress stores, ON THE SAME BLOCK. Are they really pushing that many mattresses that they need two mattress stores on that block. Furthermore, as you continue down, a block or two later, is another competitor mattress store. Are the people in Santa Monica/West LA really in that grave of a need for mattresses that they need 3 mattress stores in the space of 3 blocks? Do they all wet their beds on a daily basis? Do they have rampant pillow fights and jump on their beds, destroying them regularly? (If so, I want in). WHY THE HELL ARE THERE SO MANY MATTRESS STORES?

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    Topics: Icebeast, Rants | 1 Comment »

    One Response to “The Mattress Super Store”

    1. Sparky Says:
      May 19th, 2008 at 12:59 pm

      Further, have you ever seen a mattress store or a furniture store that aren’t having some sort of blowout, close-out, going out of business, everything must go, blah de blah sale going on? Does anyone buy mattresses at “regular price”?