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    Umbrellas and the Rain

    By Icebeast | May 23, 2008

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    As all of our small set of readers know, I live in LA. In LA, you’re lucky if you get a hard rain once or twice a year. Because of this, I do not own an umbrella. The last time I owned an umbrella was when I lived in Atlanta, where you could get soaked walking 20′ from one building to another. However. in LA, “rain” is generally fog and a slight downward wind. I could walk laps around campus and still be dry from the rain (although maybe a little sweaty).
    So what am I ranting about you ask? It’s the people with Umbrellas on a day like today, which is slightly overcast with some fog and a slight downward wind. I don’t really mind if you have an umbrella and its not open. Perhaps, you’re from another land where you see clouds and think, oh it’s going to rain. Or maybe you’re an old timer and the umbrella reminds you of days of yore when you actually saw rain. But what gets me are people with there umbrellas up, when its not raining. Hell, its not even misting. It’s a little cold maybe, but what’s an umbrella going to do about that. What really got me was when I was walking to the building and saw two girls walking around huddled under a small umbrella. Really? Huddled around a umbrella? When IT’S NOT RAINING? Are you afraid of those big scary clouds and want to forget about there existence? I’d give you more credit if it was sunny out and you had your umbrella. Perhaps you have a skin condition, or you’re Asian. But when its cloudy and not raining, and your 30′ umbrella blocks out the sky and prevents people from effectively walking around you…

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